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Kathryn overcomes anxiety, concussions, and more

kathryn anxiety insomnia concussion "Neurofitness gave me back my
life and livelihood."

Kathryn brainmapsChanges in Kathryn's brainmap before and after training indicate fewer frontal slow (delta) waves correlating wtih a greater mental clarity, increased word finding, and better focus.

Kathryn was an executive working in corporate leadership in the Washington DC area.  She suffered four concussions over a period of five years due to several car accidents and a fall. One concussion is bad enough, but multiple concussions without full recovery of the previous one leads to much more severe difficulties. Prior to the accidents, Kathryn worked a 60 hour work week, had a photographic memory and excellent mental stamina.

After the injuries, she had to drop out of the corporate world and focus on recovering her cognitive function and energy. She also had to overcome anxiety as the concussed brain often gets stuck in a fight or flight mode. She had tried other modalities including hyperbaric oxygen, acupuncture, chiropractic, and medications. They were some help, but did not address the electroophysiological roots of her difficulties.

We measured Kathryn’s difficulties with anxiety, attention, memory, mental fatigue, slowed reaction times and difficulty sleeping before beginning her training program, again min-way through her program and at the completion of her training program. 

Changes in the assymmetry map indicate a movement of beta wave production from the right hemisphere to the left, this shift correlated with reduced anxiety and better sleep for Kathryn. Below are Kathryn's inventory score before and after training.

anxiety metrics

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