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Neuromeditation is a modern neuro-technological  technique applied to the ancient practice of meditation in order to expedite and deepen the meditation experience through: 
  • the ability to recognize different brain states
  • the ability to shift at will into different brain states
Leading toward:
  • greater inner calm and clarity
  • purposeful, flexible thinking
  • far-sighted decision making
  • settled, focused attention
  • energy and vitality
  • self-confidence and secure self-esteem
  • feelings of safety and peace
  • compassion and empathy for others
  • happiness and optimism
  • reduced stress symptoms
  • increased self-actualization
  • reduced activation of the sympathetic nervous system 

Neuromeditation represents the convergence of several streams of experience including Transcedental Meditation, Mindfulness, Neurotherapy, Jungian psychology, and Medical Technology. It is a form of self-regulation learning and skill building that allows even complete meditation novices to quickly meditate with ease. Neuromeditators find they are able to achieve all the benefits of deep, long term disciplined meditation in a short period of time.
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