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Cognition, anxiety, and depression in alcohol dependence syndrome


Ghosh T, Jahan M, Singh AR. The efficacy of electroencephalogram neurofeedback training in cognition, anxiety, and depression in alcohol dependence syndrome: A case study. Ind Psychiatry J [serial online] 2014 [cited 2015 Mar 24 ];23:166-170 
Available from: http://www.industrialpsychiatry.org/text.asp?2014/23/2/166/151705 

figure1Electroencephalogram (EEG) neurofeedback's efficacy in reducing the symptoms of patients with alcohol dependence syndrome is well-documented in previous literature. Here, a case is being described who presented with alcohol dependence syndrome was given EEG neurofeedback training. After 10 sessions of EEG neurofeedback training program, a significant reduction was found in the cognitive deficits, anxiety, and depression of the patient. Furthermore, noticeable improvement was found in his memory and neurological functioning. He also showed a significant reduction in his alcohol intake on follow-up.

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