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Who do we work with?

Who do we work with?

Professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, creatives, and students who want to achieve the next level at work, school, performance and life.

Our clients report that after neurofeedback they experience:

  • Thinking more quickly on their feet
  • Laser focus for sustained periods of time
  • Greater ability to multi-task and realize efficiencies in work (More done in less time)
  • Increased ability to see the big picture, connect the dots, anticipate problems
  • Increased productivity, feel more effective and productive
  • More motivation, less inertia
  • Bounce back from stress, reduced stress symptoms, increased resilience.
  • Reduced procrastination, diving right into projects they’ve put off
  • Remembering better
  • Ability to relax on demand, ability to shift into relaxed mode quickly to maximize downtime, be there for their family (not carryover work of the day)
  • Better sleep
  • More responsive brain
  • More happiness and optimism
  • Sense of well-being and aliveness
  • Sense of flow in life and work
  • Faster reaction times
  • Enhanced sensory processing (hearing more clearly, colors more vivid)
  • Clarity and calm even with stressors
  • Sense of flow in life and well-being
  • More in control 
  • Colleagues having difficulty keeping up

What’s keeping you from performing at your best?

Would you like to feel more focus, success and balance at life and at work?

  • Lack of sustained focus?
  • Procrastination?
  • Difficulty with organization or follow-through?
  • Negative thinking?
  • Low energy or motivation?
  • Feeling stuck?
  • Difficulty seeing the big picture?
  • Lack of mental endurance?
  • Worrying about outcomes?
  • Perfectionism?
  • Poor sleep?
  • Difficulty relaxing?
  • Feeling the need for more work/ life balance?
  • Feeling less sharp and clear than you’d like?
  • Need for more creative problem solving?
  • Need for more creativity and sense of flow?
  • Getting thrown off track by stressors?
  • Stress symptoms like headaches, migraines, muscle tension, or high blood pressure?

If at least one of these productivity/ life success busters is effecting you, neurofeedback can help. Neurofeedback retrains your brain to eliminate these productivity busters at the root.

Peak Neurofitness Training

Yep, we call that awesomizing your brain!
Contact us and start training your brain today!!

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