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Cynde Margritz  •  Founder and CEO |  Peak Performance Director

Cynde 0ct 13Peak Neurofitness was founded by Cynde Margritz. A former NASA scientist, Cynde spent years researching the best of brain-based technologies to put together the Peak Neurofitness Program which has a success rate of nearly 90% for those who complete it. The training draws on 30 years of research by NASA and other scientists around the world on how to optimize brain function.

Cynde currently serves as the CEO of Peak Neurofitness. Her background includes research in the areas of biophysics and cellular communication, program management, and international negotiation for NASA. She is also the developer of several educational programs to get kids excited about math, science, and nutrition, including Kids Kitchen Safari and SpaceJazz in partnership with Weekly Reader. She has an M.S. in Biology from Penn State University. 

Cynde has completed extensive study including that required to meet all requirements for certification by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). She has studied with many of the pioneers and key players in the field of neurofeedback:

Sue and Sigfried Othmer (of the EEG Institute), Vietta Wilson, PhD. renowned sports psychologist and creator of the Mind Room for 2006 World Cup champion Italian soccer team, Les Fehmi, of the Princeton Biofeedback Institute and creator of the Open Focus method, Rae Tattenbaum of Inner Act for optimal performance including musical and theatrical, Jonathan Walker of the Neurotherapy Center of Dallas and one of the few neurologists practicing neurofeedback, Jay Gunkelman of Brain Science International, one of the top electroencephalographs in the country, Richard Souter, Ph.D. of the New Mind Center and pioneer of two channel training, Bill Scott, originator of Brain Paint and pioneer in the use of neurofeedback for addictions, John Demos, of EEG Vermont, author of Introduction to Neurofeedback, and the Thompsons of the ADD Centre in Toronto. 

She participates in clinician forums for the latest technology and best practices including weekly live, collaborative case reviews. She is a member of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research ISNR) and the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB). Cynde enjoys her bichons' antics as well as cooking, baking, wine, chocolate, traveling, photography, hiking, and gardening.

Jay Gunkelman    QEEG Diplomate

Jay Gunkelman Peak Neurofitness, LLC

Jay Gunkelman, QEEG Diplomate, is recognized as one of the top leaders in the field of EEG and QEEG, and has processed over 500,000 EEGs since 1972.

He has served as president of The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, as well as a board member and treasurer of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and is a past-president of the Biofeedback Society of California.

Jay was the first EEG technologist to be certified in QEEG (1996) and was granted Diplomate status in 2002. He has conducted, published or participated in hundreds of research papers, articles, books and meetings internationally.

He continues to lecture on EEG/QEEG at neuroscience meetings worldwide. He has co-authored the textbook on EEG artifacting (2001). Jay remains busy with current projects and publications related to his seminal paper on EEG endophenotypes (2005, Clinical Electroencephalography).

Linda Walker    MHR, LPC, BCIA-EEG

LInda pic

Linda has been specializing in neurofeedback for mood and mental health issues, chronic pain, cognitive functioning and optimal performance for the past 15 years. She is also an adjunct instructor in biofeedback and neurofeedback for Western Michigan University.

Linda earned her Master's degree in Human Relations and Counseling and did post graduate work in substance abuse and school counseling. She is presently working towards a doctorate in Applied Psychophysiology.

Currently, Linda is a past president of the Michigan Society for Behavioral Medicine and is on the Board of the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation. She is a member of AAPB and ISNR.

Cabell Williams  •  Biofeedbeck & Neurofeedback Specialist  |  Acting Office Manager

Cabell Williams, Peak Neurofitness, LLCCabell graduated from George Mason University with her BS in neuroscience and a minor psychology. She plans to pursue a degree in psychiatry within the next couple of years.

Cabell has also worked at George Mason’s Youth Emotion Lab, where she studied the effects of stress on parent-teen interactions and how it can lead to delinquency, substance abuse, and educational issues later in the teen’s life. Her work there entailed administering Heart Rate Variability Tests, collecting cortisol samples, genetics testing, and drug testing. She also administered psychiatric diagnostic testing, stress tests, and risk assessments for suicide, self-harm, and child abuse.
Cabell currently lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her loving dog, Moon. She enjoys mindfulness practices, backpacking, snowboarding, socializing, and volunteering with Girls on the Run NOVA, a non-profit encouraging positive body image and independence for young girls.

Heather Hill  •  Neurofeedback Specialist  |  Community Liaison

heather front cropped bioHeather graduated from University of New Haven with a B.S. in Forensic Chemistry and minors in chemistry and psychology. She first came to Peak Neurofitness as a client and, after great success, wanted to join the team! She is interested in the connection between neuroscience and psychology and is eager to help people improve. She has lab experience involving different avenues of research and analytical method developments. 
Outside of work, she enjoys live music, dancing, yoga and reading on the beach. She integrates mindfulness into her everyday activities to cultivate a calm, positive lifestyle and meditates regularly to promote a healthy mind-body-spirit connection.

Our Philosophy

up your happiness factorPeak Neurofitness is a results-oriented, lifestyle and health company that enables its clients to lead better lives by helping them overcome barriers to peak performance such as phobias, anxiety, stress, PTSD, ADHD, depression, TBI, lack of focus and insomnia.  

We do this by identifying the basis for sub-performance and training clients to overcome those barriers. We have conducted thousands of training sessions for executives, athletes, students, military personnel and other people of all ages – to sharpen mental acuity, stamina, comprehension and aid in the ability to learn and remember. Training is painless, drug-free and conducted in a professional office setting or anywhere in the world online.  

Principals in the company have more than 50 years of experience and use a technology proven worldwide over more than three decades.  We’ve worked with people from many of the nation’s top organizations such as DOD, NASA, the U.S. Army, the White House as well as scores of universities and major corporations.   Clients enjoy working with us and often refer us to colleagues, friends and family.

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