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Peak Neurofitness offers unique brain training programs
to help adults and children perform optimally.

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Peak Neurofitness, LLC

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Who Can Benefit from Neurofitness Training

smiling womanThose who are seeking: 

  • relief from mental health symptoms
  • to enhance your stress resilience
  • to enhance your academic, executive, or sports performance

Our training programs are tailored specifically for your unique brain and personal goals.

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Our Unique Brain Training Program

girl in chair with friend frontFeel Free to Bring a FriendSince the brain is involved in everything we do a better functioning brain has a multitude of benefits.

By training different parts of the brain using our unique Peak Neurofitness method for increased flexibility, agility, strength, and balance, different results can be achieved. 

We use techniques inspired by NASA and founded on 30 years of research to train your brain to perform more optimally.

First we conduct an extensive interview and evaluate how your brain is performing with tests of attention, reaction time, flexibility and resilience. Then we map your brain’s electrophysiology, a process called  brain mapping to identify under-performing areas.

Based on your brain’s unique characteristics and your goals we design a training program to strengthen those areas and get your  brain performing at its peak.

Additionally, we use brain maps to track training effectiveness. We remap our clients periodically and compare new maps to previous maps to understand how well the training is working.

Neurofitness Training Results

symptom reduction over timePeak Neurofitness training results are demonstrated in a number of ways. Client feedback and testimonials provide data regarding quality of life and academic, executive, or athletic impovements we see as training progresses. 

Clients establish training goals and metrics to track and evaluate progress. Symptom tracking provides valuable information about training effectiveness.

brain performance improvementWe use repeat brain maps to track changes in the electrophysiology. Periodicllay, we remap our clients and compare new maps to previous maps to understand how well the training is working and how to tweak for further improvements to meet client goals.

In this client pre/post assessment, you can see that both hemispheres have substantially less slow waves frontally as well as posteriorly.

The client reports greater clarity of thought and ability to control emotions and impulsivity (frontal effect). Also less moodiness and an easier time relaxing (posterior effect). Memory improvements were made as well.

This is a simplified description of the complex changes that happen relative to improvements. The brain is clearly changing in other ways as well including inter-hemispheric communication, dominant frequency, and assymmetry (left to right distribution patterns) of brainwaves. These changes can be evaluated with other features of the brain mapping analysis.

We also use repeat tests of attention, reaction time, and memory to evaluate progress.

Please send us a note for a more in-depth discussion.